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IM Services

Published on January 23, 2014 by Admin | Views: 23 | Comments (0)

We Now Have IM Services Live And Free Utilizing Spark IM the Registration Page Is Located @ IM Registration. Thanks Admin


Published on October 30, 2013 by gothicdude1044 | Views: 36 | Comments (0)

Ok We have Improved the site once more We Now have our old forums intergreated with this new CMS If you are a member on forums you can login into cms with the use of your forum username and password.

Thanks Dan And Vandellan

CMS + Forum Intergration

Published on October 29, 2013 by vandellan | Views: 841 | Comments (0)


I would like to let all new and current users know, that the forums, and the CMS are now intergrated, meaning that they use the same Database and Login Name and Password for both, so when you login to the Forum or CMS, you are actually logging into both, so if you wish to login to the CMS, you will need to use your current Forum login credentials to login. Subdreamer CMS, has the ability to intergrate the forum and CMS into one site I suppose you could call it, meaning that all user information is used the same for both.

So if a new user registers, his or her account will be usable on both the CMS and the Forums, that way you are not required to make two account, one for each part of the site.

Thank you.

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